The International Network for Research in Sports and Migration Issues

PhD Study Group

The sport and migration network invites all PhD students in the field of sport and migration to join the network and share information about their projects and ongoing work. To ensure that we are up to date with the latest research in sport and migration we have created a study group for PhD students. Contrary to becoming a full member of the sport and migration network, you do not need international publications to be a part of the PhD study group; all we ask for are that you have a project description and a willingness to contribute to the network.

Apply as a member of the PhD study group using the ‘apply for membership’-link on the bottom of the front page of or click here – remember to tick of the PhD study group box.

If you have any question fell free to address them to

September 2017 Newsletter

In our September 2017 newsletter, there's a conference review, an abstract submission, a call for papers, a conclusion on the Globalsport project, and we also welcome three new members to the group - find out more in the 'News'-section or go via this link.

We would like to encourage all to contribute in making our newsletter filled with the latest on sport and migration, by informing us of job adverts, conferences and books that may be of interest to the network. We have deadlines for submission to our newsletter on a quarterly basis; December 1, March 1, June 1 and September 1.

Please direct this information to